Buddha Land Centre runs a variety of meditation courses and events in Keighley throughout the year, and are listed below.

Please note these are not held in Bradford but in Keighley.

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 Meditation Workshops

These provide quality meditation with clear explanations of the techniques required to create stillness within. They consist of 2 sessions, and cost £12 each. Refreshments are available in the World Peace Cafe during and after each workshop.

Stillness Within

Saturday 3 May 10am – 1pm

When the turbulence of distracting thoughts subsides our mind becomes still and a deep happiness naturally arises from within. Learn practical meditations for greater peace and clarity.

Mindfulness and Meditation

Saturday 7 Jun 10am – 1pm

Unburden your mind of the mental habits that lock us into daily problems and frustrations. Meditation and mindfulness are methods for creating mental space and clarity.

Learn to Meditate in Half a Day

Saturday 12 Jul 10am – 1pm

Take a break from hectic life and enjoy some peaceand tranquillity. Learn powerful practical techniques for developing and maintaining inner peace.

All in the Mind

Saturday 16 Aug 10am – 1pm

Modern life is so busy that from time to time its lovely to leave it all behind and enjoy the simple pleasure of a peaceful mind. Learn to experience inner peace every day.

Day courses

Training in Concentration

Saturday 28 June 10am -5pm [please note change of date]

This course, with Gen Kelsang Päljin, will explain how we can train in tranquil abiding – the state of perfect concentration. Through developing concentration our distracting thoughts subside and our mind becomes calm and smooth. With such a clear mind we can gain deep experience of inner good qualities.

Following the day course there will be the option of taking a daily training in concentration and mindfulness, concluding with a short retreat.

Towards a Happy Mind

Saturday 30 Aug 10am – 1pm

Find the silver lining in every situation, transform difficulties into opportunities, purify your mind and purify your world. Our life offers the potential for deep peace and joy, learn powerful methods to transform all your daily activities into opportunities for spiritual growth and learn to find happiness everywhere all the time.

Guided Day Retreats

Each day retreat consists of 4 1hr sessions held between 10am and 5pm. The cost of the retreats are £16 per day

How to Understand Your Mind

Sunday 1 Jun 10am – 5pm

Our mind shapes all that we do and experience, and yet we often neglect to consider and develop it. In this retreat day we will meditate to unlock the power of the mind and begin to understand it fully.

Weekend Meditation Retreat

Fri 5 – Sun 7 Sept  @ Airton, North Yorks

Following the ‘Training in Concentration’ day course in June there will be the opportunity to engage in a weekend retreat to develop concentration. The emphasis will be on silent meditation with guidance. Accommodation is available or you can attend non-residentially for part or all of the retreat.

 Stop the Week in Style

Let go of the week’s strains an stresses with a guided meditation and enjoy a delicious 3 course vegetarian meal with great company.  Cost £13

Friday 7.30pm – 9.30pm     25 Apr 30May 20 Jun 18 Jul 29 Aug
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