Buddha Land Centre runs a variety of meditation courses and events in Keighley throughout the year, and are listed below.

Please note these are not held in Bradford but in Keighley.

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 Meditation Workshops

These provide quality meditation with clear explanations of the techniques required to create stillness within. They consist of 2 sessions, and cost £12 each. Refreshments are available in the World Peace Cafe during and after each workshop.

Learn to Meditate in Half a Day

Saturday 20 Sept 10am – 1pm

Breathing meditation is a simple yet powerful tool that makes the mind calm and peaceful.  Learn the art of meditation and how to incorporate it into busy daily life.

De- stress not Distress

Saturday 4 Oct 10am – 1pm

Learn three simple meditations that lead to mental clarity and inner peace, taking a voyage of discovery within your own mind to create lasting peace and happiness.

Wake up Smiling

Saturday 8 Nov 10am – 1pm

Everyone wants to be happy all the time, but few people know its secret.  Learn how to be peaceful all the time, happy in every situation, and wake up smiling.

Stop Worrying, Start Living

Saturday 6 Dec 10am – 1pm

How to deal with the challenges that life throws at you with a calm and happy mind.  In this workshop we will look at simple but powerful methods to stop worrying and start living the life we want.

Day courses

Enlightened Wisdom

Blessing Empowerment of Buddha Prajnaparimita

Sunday 30 Nov 10am – 4pm

We all have the potential for enlightenment.  To realize this potential we need to experience fully the profound wisdom that understands the true nature of things and to receive the inspiring blessings from the Buddhas.  During this special day course Gen Kelsang Paljin will grant the empowerment of Prajnaparimita, the female Buddha of profound wisdom, and give teachings on the practice of self generation, the quick path taught by Buddha which leads to deep happiness, joy and love.

Confidence to Change

Saturday 27 Sept 10am -1pm

Develop the confidence to make changes that lead to lasting happiness.  Both connect with your potential and the techniques that allow you to ripen it.

The same day at 2pm there will be an opportunity to take the Buddhist Pratimoksha Precepts which is open to anyone wishing to take them.

Transforming Pain

Saturday 11 Oct 10am -1pm

We all experience mental and physical pain, and at times it can feel overwhelming.  Learn practical meditations to transform the pain and other difficulties in our lives.

Guided Day Retreats

Each day retreat consists of 4 1hr sessions held between 10am and 5pm. The cost of the retreats are £16 per day

Training in Mindfulness

Sunday 7 Sept 10am – 5pm

Training in mindfulness and meditation helps us to develop inner peace and a controlled mind.  a day’s retreat will give a rewarding experience and lay the foundation for a regular practice that brings lasting results.

Please note that this Day Retreat will be held at the Friends Meeting House, Airton, N. Yorks and not in Keighley

Weekend Meditation Retreat

Fri 5 – Sun 7 Sept  @ Airton, North Yorks

Following the ‘Training in Concentration’ day course in June there will be the opportunity to engage in a weekend retreat to develop concentration. The emphasis will be on silent meditation with guidance. Accommodation is available or you can attend non-residentially for part or all of the retreat.

 Stop the Week in Style

Let go of the week’s strains an stresses with a guided meditation and enjoy a delicious 3 course vegetarian meal with great company.  Cost £13

Friday 7.30pm – 9.30pm     29 Aug, 26 Sept, 31 Oct, 21 Nov, 12 Dec
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