School Visits

Buddhist teachers from the Bradford area are happy to visit local schools to explain Buddhism and meditation or to host a school visit at the Centre in Keighley, where children can see a meditation room complete with statues and offerings.

An introductory talk for school visits can include:

  • the story of the life of Buddha Shakyamuni
  • an explanation of meditation and its benefits including a short guided meditation
  • an explanation of what it means to be follow Buddhism, to live in a Buddhist community and to be ordained
  • a chance to visit a meditation room with statues and offering bowls which is similar to Buddhist Temples in Asia
  • an explanation of rituals including what a shrine is

There is also plenty of opportunity for the children to ask questions.

Please contact Buddha Land Centre for more information or to make a booking. Contact details are in the ‘Information’ section.


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  • Quote Rotator

    Most precious things become valueless if they are broken, but if a diamond is cut into little pieces, each fragment, however small is still valuable. In this respect, the instructions on training the mind are like a diamond because, while it is most valuable to practice all the instructions on training the mind, it is still very worthwhile to practice just some of them.
    ~ Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, Universal Compassion